The Forgotten City (Xbox One Key)




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The award-winning The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim mod goes beyond its original phase and in the hands of the developer – Modern Storyteller, and publisher – Dear Villagers, becomes a fully-fledged video game experience. With graphical upgrades in Unreal Engine 4 and revisions to the characters, setting, and game features, this is the perfect time to dive into the time loop style gameplay and solve the mysteries of The Forgotten City. The mythological ancient Rome awaits with The Forgotten City Xbox key.The Forgotten City game featuresIf a time loop style gameplay is your cup of tea and you like solving well-written mysteries, you’re bound to enjoy these The Forgotten City key features:• Timeline manipulation. Change history by manipulating the timeline and break the haunting curse.• Experience the ancient Roman city. Explore an open-world city and its historically authentic art, architecture, costumes, and customs.• It’s all about the story. Even though there are moments of combat, the game’s charm and focus is its story, branching non-linear plots, twists, and multiple endings;• New visuals. From Skyrim mod to Unreal Engine 4 – The Forgotten City looks beautiful;• Cheap The Forgotten City price.Break the loopIn the expedition to the ancient underground Roman city, scientists accidentally broke a taboo and activated a curse. Now, trapped in the never-ending loop, the scientists are cursed to relive their deaths forever. Unless someone solves the mysteries of the ancient city and prevents the curse from ever happening. Will you break the loop? Get The Forgotten City Xbox key and experience an award-winning Skyrim mod in the full game experience. Interact with the game’s characters, uncover the mysteries, and dive deep into the lore of The Forgotten City.

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